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Hey everyone!_So happy to know that many of you are using my painting in your projects. Thank you!_C


Art Wide Spread is a boutique agency advising and assisting

emerging contemporary artists on all their non-artistic issues.


After 12 years as a lawyer in Paris, working especially in the creative industry, and 7 years living in São Paulo where she opened an online photographs gallery, Tiphaine decided to settle in London.

Back in 2013 when arriving in Brazil she started to dive into the dynamic contemporary art scene, a long-time passion she decided to concentrate on to better understand her new country. As her connection with the contemporary art scene grew, and in consideration of both her former roles as a lawyer and an online gallery owner, she started to be a natural entry point for emerging artists looking for help to navigate the art world and the digital age.

While arriving in London in 2020 Tiphaine decided to dedicate herself to this advising role and founded Art Wide Spread. Her moto : making artists effectively emerge in the art world.


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